10 year age difference in dating

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10 year age difference in dating

The researchers found that social stigma is often to blame, with folks assuming that the relationship is somehow exploitative (i.e., a sugar daddy situation).

That's not to say it's impossible to have a successful relationship with a large age gap, but there are challenges pertaining to social stigma (and more) that couples most overcome.

So when we first started dating some of his family was Gia: My main challenges are really dealing with the negative opinions and expectations that other people have, like when people think I'm a gold digger, or that we can't love each other due to the age gap.

Kevin is the youngest of eight children—his two older siblings are actually the age of my parents.

They also see what a good fit Kevin and I are together.

Gia: Well, the way I overcome these kinds of issues is through communication and patience.

My partner, being a child of the '70s, and me, being a child of the '80s, grew up with different sounds and experiences in those formative years.

I think that the way we handle this situation translates into how to handle the much more significant challenges a couple with a decade of difference in their ages can face, more specifically our kids, parenting approaches, along with money and how to spend it. I've always been mature for my age and sought men older than myself, seeking a more grown-up connection.

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If things are always his way or your way, frustration and resentment grow, leading to a weaker bond and a higher likelihood that your relationship will fail.

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