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100  datings latvija

However, before the end of the ice age around 30,000 BC in Europe, the early Neandertal co-existed simulatenously with the Cro-Magnon human, which came in from Asia (Krūmiņ, 52).

Baltic lands prior to inhabitants and the earliest signs of man Prior to the arrival of the first peoples in the Baltic, the entire Baltic area was covered by an enormous ice cap, which receded from c. Much of the Baltic territory and Russia was freed from ice during the second stage of the retreat called the Gotiglacial at about 15,000-8,300 BC.

Divisions in prehistory revolve around climatic changes, as well as the changes occurred when a new group of peoples and their culture is introduced in a particular territory.

To describe Baltic prehistory, it is best to begin with the Paleolithic period, which lasts, roughly, from 10,000 6800 BC.

Baltic Prehistory Marisa Hougardy June 2001 By definition, the period before recorded history is prehistory.

However, groups of different areas identify the margins of prehistory differently.

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These hunters and fishers of a identified as a forest culture is known by two names: the Maglemose culture of the western Baltic area and the Kunda culture of the eastern Baltic area (Gimbutas 30).

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