An investment model prediction of dating infidelity is audrina patridge still dating justin bobby 2016

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Aside from these two large caveats, I do think that there is something new and interesting about Facebook as a means for infidelity, which is consistent with interdependence theory so understanding why someone may or may not be committed to their partner will shed light on the role of Facebook.

Some of the articles say things like “one in five divorces involve” Facebook, whereas others come right out and say that “Facebook causes one in five divorces…” There’s even a website, started by a poor fellow whose mate was poached using Facebook, dedicated to this topic.

Of course, anyone who has taken an introductory statistics class knows that , so without a study using a true experimental design, claims of Facebook causing divorce are serious overstatements.

It is consistent with other research in the field of close relationship research; however, I haven’t seen any good data specifically on this topic of Facebook, cheating, and breakup.

This would be a great project for someone to tackle!

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The present study investigated how cheating experience influences perception of others’ infidelity.

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