Ben gibbard dating history

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Ben gibbard dating history

I kind of continued that behavior even after I got back throughout 2007.I think I kind of knew I was heading towards an impasse.And then when I get back to the car or I go back into my studio I go like, 'Oh yeah!' And I put the thing on and I'm like, 'Yeah, you know, actually with this thing probably does need is this.I didn't want to walk into a room and have all my friends there telling me I had a problem. Was it to you, 'Oh, I found something completely different that satisfies.' Where was that transition where you realized that running could be this outlet for you? I just one day decided like, 'I think I could run two miles.' And so I had been running a little bit, but not a lot.I think for me especially as a touring musician, I just needed something other than sitting on a tour bus all day waiting to play at 9 p.m.Running for me is very much a spiritual practice at this point. Ultra runners fall into maybe two or three categories.

And then there are weirdos and then there are addicts. I've met so many addicts, so many people in recovery who have at some point kind of discovered that kind of transcendence that you'd find running or doing ultra marathons and have put that in place of the addiction that they had.It filled this void that I didn't really know I ever had had before that.I'm a runner, not an ultra marathon runner, but my co-host John Richards is a marathon runner.That's a dangerous thing to do, I think, if you're just replacing one addiction for another.I mean, obviously an addiction to running is inarguably better than an addiction to like crack. One thing I'm always constantly struggling with is trying to make sure that I'm not robbing Peter to pay Paul in my own life when it comes to my running and make sure that, yeah, I do a lot of it, it's a huge hobby of mine, but it's not the only interest I have outside of music.

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