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If you are running a stable Net BSD release (such as Net BSD 6.1), in a production environment, you should occasionally update your sources and rebuild the system or the kernel, in order to incorporate any security fixes that have been applied to the branch since its release.

Visit Stack Exchange Since manually upgrading from source (cvsup) is deprecated and the recommendation is to use freebsd-update: What's the best way to upgrade (e.g.

As an example, you may build a release without ports or documentation and .

After removing functionality pertaining to the documentation subroutine and altering the buildworld() subroutine in scripts/build.subr, the freebsd-update-code will successfully build update code on this release.

Use freebsd-update to upgrade the rest of the system and rebuild the kernel from sources as before.

If the kernel has changed, freebsd-update will update the sources so you can then build your custom kernel as before.

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One important thing to realize when working with Free BSD is that the base operating system is built and managed separate from the other software on the system.