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Camoto sex chat

Tho oystor is finer In quality and more numerous than ho over was. On December S, Splendid hhw, for 8o at llaukript piiccs. wedge he I, Itarxaln Wc 1875, at tho Invitation of Dean Stan CMId'el.

oysters, honey; don't you do It The best nyktors nro tho Steamed oysters' Is Just as bad, 'less I Lynn Haven, but the variety doesn't steams 'em myself. Wo handlo steamed, ' Now York oysters, but not so early In waiters calls for 'well-don- o I says to myself, somo white fool up Wo cannot bo sure of stairs wants to mako hlsself sick. niiiiim ii " -i V i The Board ot Managors of Unicn Lost An Arm. Sam Jonos a r, chock for for tho dedication sor Tom Pearcy, an O. bridgo r vices, which ho promptly rolurnrd who lites in Princoton, lost an OHAS. Roports at variauco down the company's track ho was soil IB80BIPTIOH It A TEAR IH ADVAKOB in continuous session Wednesday with the aboro are untruo. This will fall and n compromiso ments later n pasuengcr train passed ilcalloo. ' Sonator Voorheos has tfhon uolico arm last Wednesday, Whllo walking with his best wishes and prayers ft r llio Son-at- o that ho will nltenipt to keep our success. i Driumllnit ait Tcrtl Mmen U (urnlitacd onsp- - Bill. As I said before, so long as thcro nro people to cut oysters thoro wdll bo no diminution In tbo Hurjrjiy." Smith I). M Try Us For Good Qualities-T- ry Us For Polite Attention Try Us For Bed-Ro- ck Prices You will find among our seasonable selections much that will interest you and merit your careful consideration. Tn K dulto of Cambridgo takes th keenest interest in tbo welfare of private Midlers and In very popular among the men of tbo ranks. Tine duko of Westminster has spent ovcr JCl, 000,000 In rebuilding Katon ball, which Is now considered to rival Chats-wort- h as England's finest bouse.

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It la true all of them depoud upon this industry that there never was such n demand as for the maintenance of thomselves and now, aud It is also true that thcro their families. The first nro expert cooks who aro paid exce- work I ever did was some oyster plantllent salaries for their experience and ing for tho use of our family, and from knowledge of how to prepare oysters that time up to tho present I havo been for tho consumers. No woman w Hio has ontlro charge of tho man who really knows tho subject can oystor refectory in ono of our lending tiuthfully say that oysters aro becomrestaurants, says: ing scarce. Tho finoysters nnd drink the juice, you am That September oysters come ' from gctlln' fat an your brain am gettin' est Chuckutuok river, down In Hampton rich. Ov course, do gemmen from tho Roads nro tho best lu tbo nlo wld dolr fried oysters, w'lch drinks this tlmo; later lu tho season, world softens 'em.

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