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Spouse’s love to snoop and follow you around more than you think.

Plus, they are keen to picking up on your body language and emotional signs that may indicate you’ve been cheating. There’s an easier way, and you can find out what that is by reading this article.

If you can’t read the whole guide for lack of time, you should definitely at a minimum read this summary!

Perhaps you have children and divorce would be the worst thing to happen to your family.

Everything on our cheating guide has been tried and tested, and so you can be sure that !

And what’s more, we had an absolute blast doing it.

Even if you truly love someone, there needs to be constant sexual satisfaction or the relationship will be missing something important. Remember that gorgeous blonde from High School that you always wanted to bang? It’s never a good idea to start putting the moves on friends. It’s best to stick to meeting women in a discreet way, , we explain why you should avoid women that easily become too emotionally attached and how to manage ongoing issues with attached women.

You need a place (*cough* the Internet *cough*) where you can discreetly meet sexual partners that are comfortable getting nothing out of you besides sex.

Even on cheating websites, you still run the risk of being caught if you aren’t careful.

Most married people don’t see this as a reason for divorce, as there might be some other great aspects in the marriage.

Affairs satisfy the need for intimacy, and can help you avoid the rigorous and nasty process of divorce. We offer tips and tricks for married affairs and cheating so you never get caught.

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