College confidential interracial dating

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College confidential interracial dating

Tell us where the students at about your rank in the previous year’s class went to college.

The Academic Rating is the most important part of the process, so focus your words on that topic.

In order to provide you with an accurate chance, we need the details concerning these areas. A regular part of the conversation at the Williams board on College Confidential is a “chance” request.

It is also unclear whether or not checking the two boxes or declining to check any box matters.

For example, your sports resume is irrelevant unless you are being recruited by a Williams coach and, if you are, they will tell you what your chances are. Williams has a quota against international applicants.

Fourth, tell us your race, or at least the relevant boxes that you will check on the Common Application.

A high school student wants the community to provide feedback on her chances of being admitted to Williams.

(They also generally provide a mass of irrelevant data as well.) To make the world a better place, here is Eph Blog’s Guide to for Williams.

(The same advice applies to most elite colleges.) First, estimate your Academic Rating and provide the key evidence behind that estimate.

(See here and here for related discussion.) Checking the African-American box gives you a significant advantage in admissions, as does checking Hispanic, but less so.

Checking the Asian box hurts your chances at Ivy League schools.

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Unfortunately, many of these students are uninformed about the reality of elite college admissions so they don’t provide us with the necessary information to “chance” them correctly.