Dating dodgeville pisces

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Dating dodgeville pisces

MANAGING ATTORNEY, (703) 308-91 13 CHEMICALS, FOOD, BEVERAGES, WINES & SPIRITS - INT. Wendt Library, University of Wisconsin Madison (608)262-6845 Milwaukee Public Library (414) 278-3247 PATENT EXAMINING CORPS JAMES E. KUND^, Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner PATENT EXAMINING GROUPS Phone Number Area Code 703 (* CHEMICAL EXAMINING GROUPS GENERAL METALLURGICAL.

MANAGING ATTORNEY, (703) 308-91 12 COSMETICS, CLEANING PREPARATIONS, PAPER PRODUCTS & TOYS -INT. Imprint varies John Adams Library copy has bookplate: John Adams Library, in the Custody of the Boston Public Library Drake, M. 1-2Some issues published in several editions Also available on microfiche Also available on microfilm Also available on microfiche Vols. dollars) is as follows: Transmittal fee: 170.00 Search Fee U. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as International Searching Authority (ISA) — No corresponding prior U. national application filed 550.00 — Corresponding prior U. national application filed 380.00 — Supplemental search fee. MANAGING ATTORNEY, (703) 308-9108 COSMETICS, CLEANING PREPARAll ONS, PAPER PRODUCTTS & TOYS - INT.

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UNIVERSITY MICROFILMS INTERNATIONAL, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN UMI V ^ ^^ U THE PAPER AND INK USED IN THE ORIGINAL MATERIAL AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE MICRO- FORM EDITION. 1, 1984, provides that maintenance fees may be paid without surcharge for a six-month period beginning 3, 7, and 1 1 years after the date of issue of patents based on applica- tion filed on or after Dec. An additional six-month grace period is provided by 35 U. The patents have patent numbers within the following ranges: Utility Patents 4,752,970 thrt)ugh 4,754,497 Reissue Patents based on the above identified patents. BUCHER, DIRECTOR, TRADEMARK EXAMINING OPERATION CONDITION OF TRADEMARK APPLICATIONS AS OF JUNE 1, 1991.