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Dating in clovis nm

Students are assigned to schools based on geographic location of their legal guardian's residence.New students to Clovis register at these respective schools.

There are numerous examples of post-Clovis era points that were hafted to foreshafts, but there is no direct evidence that Clovis people used this type of technological system.

To finish shaping and sharpening the points, they are sometimes pressure flaked along the outer edges.

Clovis points are characterized by concave longitudinal shallow grooves called "flutes" on both faces one third or more up from the base to the pointed tip.

Clovis points date to the Early Paleoindian period roughly 13,500 to 12,800 calendar years ago.

Clovis fluted points are named after the city of Clovis, New Mexico, where examples were first found in 1929 by Ridgely Whiteman.

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The assembled multiple piece spear or dart could have been thrown by hand or with the aid of an atlatl (spear thrower).

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