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Can't say how many random homes I've ended up in without knowing the clique previously, and I'm not extemely outgoing, but that will never happen at Buckhead Saloon. People in the south get married earlier so by default the number of friends and singles goes down.I also live in Buckhead for commute reason but probably don't belong in Buckhead.

Do any natives have any suggestions for me or for any other transplants could you confirm that I am not the only one who feels this way? I moved to ATL from the north 15 years ago, making friends here is no different than anywhere I've ever lived - that is, you need to make consistent sustained effort to make friends as an adult when you're no longer in a situation (like college) where everyone is starting fresh.

I completely get what you are saying and I haven't been here long so I owe it to myself to give it more time.

But I wouldn't go as far to suggest that making friends is the same everywhere you go.

It is hard to break into other people's social circles, and absent attending "new to ATL meetups" that is what you're going to be doing.

It doesn't have to do with being in the south.

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Here's what helped me: Live in a very social apartment complex. I can't help with dating but yeah, it's a lot easier to meet girls with other friends so it doesn't seem creepy (why oh why does this have to be a thing in modern society? You just have to let things happen naturally or be ok with lots of people giving you the cold shoulder.

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