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However it does not add support to the dogma that it takes millions of years to form a fossil. References are in our paper entitled: RECENT C-14 DATING OF FOSSILS INCLUDING DINOSAUR BONE COLLAGEN.

In fact it adds credence to the belief that in nature it can happen quite quickly. Accompanying the Battelle article is an electron microscope photo with an electron microscopic image showing a cross section of wood that was artifically petrified in days.

Assumptions are made which can be totally wrong and are never tested.

Five Japenese scientists performed research at the Tateyama Hot Spring in central Japan.   Well finally researchers at Exxon realized that this model did not include the latest chemical and biological knowledge.  First they decided to determine the chemical composition of organic materials in rock shale.  This was no easy task.

The ceramic silicon carbide or tungsten carbide take up permanent residence with the carbon remaining in the cellulose.

Because the new ceramic duplicates the crystalline form of the wood the new material maintains microstructure and macrostructure.

This new type of ceramic could be made from natural biological material, which is cheap and renewable and easy to form.

As explained in their article the process involved soaking wood in acid infused with either titanium or silicon and baked in an argon filled furnace. The original cellulose structure of the wood acts as a template.

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