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PS1 RPG 10 February 2000 Recognized as one of the most outstanding RPGs released on Play Station, Vagrant Story abandons the assumptions typical of the Japanese genre.

In terms of mechanics, production combines the exploration of a prerendered environment with real-time, three-dimensional battlefields.However, as it turns out, the queen has been nothing more than a pawn in the hands of a much more dangerous enemy.In terms of game mechanics, the game is a combination of proven solutions with some limited innovations, such as a redesigned profession system or ATE mode (Active Time Event), which allows us to see what other team members are doing, give access to numerous side quests and a chance to collect various useful items.The production is based on proven mechanics and tries to stand out with a touching story.PS1 RPG 07 July 2000 The 9th main entry in a classic j RPG series, originally released in 2000 on Play Station console, and ported to PC ten year later.

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