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Dating ru messages donotreply dating ru

These messages contain factual information about the conflict.

The messages also contain download instructions for the user to watch a video that is attached to the message.

The same email message even instructs users to pass the news to friends by sending them the source - not very friendly if the supposed update would lead ones contacts to malware...

Downloading from the software vendors themselves still is the safest way to go." FYI...

Lots of people may like to keep their albums private, allowing password-protected guest access, or open them up to the public. popular image hosting sites have become the targets of several different attacks: Turkish Hackers Relive Memories in Photobucket- New Yahoo Phish Sites- ..."// FYI...

Attackers know it, and are actively taking advantage of it.

Rogue antispyware isnt entirely new, although our researchers have been seeing an increase in activity for the past couple of months...

Perhaps its because this is also the time of the year when the more legitimate security suites are releasing their latest software updates, and cybercriminals are riding on this season to ramp up their profits. We've had to create numerous tools and methods to detect these types of attacks because most Web 2.0 social networking sites are difficult to track due to limited public access to most accounts.

Users are clicking on these links manually, either when they receive them in email or read them on their walls.

They click on the link, get redirected to a phishing page, and manually input their credentials.

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