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Dating someone with schizoid personality

The worst thing you can do is force him with intimacy and expect romance and not give him space, don't scare him with too high expectations (which I sense you do), well, you should have no expectations at all (they have low tolerance)My boyfriend has spd and I'm borderline (what a coincidence ), we've been together since 2007 and went to hell and back, multiple times.First year was heaven, then hell next couple of years when we had no idea whats going on (push-pull nonstop, neither of us could stay/leave) I really caused us so much damage with my emotional drama and fear of abandonment.It is pretty simple - you should ask yourself if the relationship as it is at the moment is enough for you and whether you want your partner to change.

As you can see from this example, early on his life John demonstrated some unusual behavioral patterns about relationships to others and their value.

As he grew up, John didn’t date as he had little to no interest in sex or maintaining close relationships with others.

He found work that largely kept him isolated from others, working alone for long hours.

Symptoms of the condition often include: John’s family has always thought of him as being different.

When he was young he often distanced himself from others and found it difficult to make friends while in school.

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Additional follow up assessments with a psychiatrist who works closely with personality disorders may help you gain a diagnosis and a clearer path forward.