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Posted by / 28-Feb-2020 17:01

I am a dating and relationship blogger and had to navigate the dating world as an introvert myself.

Dating can be difficult when you: -Hate small talk -Struggle connecting with new people -Find it difficult to pretend to like someone -Find it difficult to pretend to be interested in a converstation Basically dating is an introvert’s worst nightmare.

I was inpired to write this post after reading a well-intentioned yet “not the best advice” article on the Quiet Revolution.

I am going to use the article as a starting point to give you actual advice that you can take with you into the dating world if you’re an introvert.

Betsey, 53, who calls herself a “chatty introvert,” says she loves to entertain.

“His intention may not be to be rude, but his actions still have impact,” says Zar.

For any relationship to work, you need to be able to say what you feel.

By the end of the night, you’ve learned his name, what he does for work, and a surprising amount of personal detail about his childhood, including that he doesn’t eat bacon-wrapped anything because his only friend until he was eight was the pig on his grandparents’ farm.

You’ve also learned that he is an introvert, one you’re definitely going to see again.

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If you’ve never dated an introvert—and are not one yourself—you may have a bit of a learning curve.