Dating with no career Sexy free trial chat lines

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Dating with no career

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Banks loan money for viable business ventures and, if he knows his stuff and has the intelligence to run a business, there's no reason why it's shouldn't be viable.

Obviously, you know him and only you know if he's ever likely to make this happen, but that does sound like an ambition to me.

My ex is now much happier with his new gf, who is equally unambitious and doesn't nag him like I did, while I'm much happier with a man who is able to contribute equally to our future.My current boyfriend is a nice guy, but he is also unambitious.I am enrolled in graduate school, and I am working very hard to create a successful future for myself.unfortunately that just enforced the view in my mind that we had no future together.I don't mind earning more than my partner (I am an Analyst) but I would like him to have long term potential, I don't want to work 15-hour days to be able to buy a house, ideally it should be a joint financial venture No, it's not unreasonable for you to break up with him. Silvermoon, It may be that you are realizing that you are not in love with him. It takes time to know someone well enough to figure out if they would make a good life partner or not.

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Different people have different levels of ambition, and it's not unreasonable to want someone who shares your long-term goals.