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Washington, who won on Oscar for the role, never backs down from his cop's bullish behavior., director William Wellman didn't bother staging his gangster shootouts.

Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but if Hunt needs to cling to an ascending jet, he'll get out there and do the stunt for real.

The reason might also be that they are too afraid to trust anyone beyond themselves.

They just want their work done their way because they believe no one can do it better than them. In life, sometimes they can face a lot of misunderstanding.

They take time to understand their own feelings and trust me, if they have got up to that extent of love, then nothing can stop them to make you feel good. People born in January are the best people when it comes to handling stupid questions.January born, by nature, has incredibly high standards. They are realistic people and don’t take crap from anyone.They don't necessarily want the fanciest clothes or the hottest new car, but they want people who have integrity, who are honest, and who are real. They are totally logistic people who always look for reasons.In general, January character is positive, but they need to cultivate cheerfulness. They are rather wild when it comes to keeping secrets. They manipulate their nature and habits according to the people they are dwelling with.Because have a quite strong tendency to hypochondria and melancholia. You will never find out their deepest darkest secrets because they prefer to keep things to themselves. Perfect combination of tough, sarcastic, funny and ambitious, January borns are few of those people in your life who believe in real facts without believing blindly.

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January born is well known for behaving wisely and very maturely from an early age or during the learning years of life.