East texas dating

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East texas dating

Climate is the unifying factor in the region's geography; all of East Texas has the humid subtropical climate typical of the Southeast, occasionally interrupted by intrusions of cold air from the north.East Texas receives more rainfall, 35 to 60 inches (890 to 1,520 mm), than the rest of Texas.Outside of the Greater Houston area, the average population density is around 18–45 per mi.East Texas's population is very large and is centered around the Golden Triangle (Texas), which is Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange in Southeast Texas.West of the Piney Woods are the ranchlands and remnant oak forests of the East Central Texas forests ecoregion.The Sabine, Trinity, Neches, Angelina and Sulphur Rivers are the major rivers in East Texas, but the Brazos River and Red River also flow through the region.Only 8 mi from the Texas border, Shreveport, Louisiana, is considered the economic and cultural center for the Ark-La-Tex, the area where Arkansas, Louisiana, and East Texas meet. Per the 2010 US Census records, the five most populous counties are: According to US Census records from 2010, the population of East Texas counties is 65.93% White non-Hispanic, 17.44% African American, 14.29% Hispanic or Latino origin, and 2.34% Other (including Native American and Asian).

The most famous of these bayous are Cypress Bayou and Buffalo Bayou.

The Brazos cuts through the southwest portion of the region, while the Red River forms its northern border with Oklahoma and a portion of Arkansas.

In East Texas and the rest of the South, small rivers and creeks collect into swamps called "bayous" and merge with the surrounding forest.

According to the Handbook of Texas, the East Texas area "may be separated from the rest of Texas roughly by a line extending from the Red River in north-central Lamar County southwestward to east-central Limestone County and then southeastward towards eastern Galveston Bay", though most sources separate the Gulf Coast area into a separate region.

Another popular, somewhat simpler, definition defines East Texas as the region between the Trinity River, north and east of Houston, (or sometimes Interstate 45, when defining generously) as the western border, the Louisiana border as the eastern border, the Gulf of Mexico as the southern border, the Oklahoma border as the northern border, Arkansas as the northeastern border, and extending as far south as Orange, Texas.

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In Houston, the average January temperature is 50.4 °F (10.2 °C) and the average July temperature is 82.6 °F (28.1 °C), but Houston has slightly warmer winters than most of East Texas due to its proximity to the coast.

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