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Posted by / 15-Sep-2020 01:52

Having a cute dog also probably helped but still I like Ok Cupid for dating things.

They have a huge list of hypothetical questions that you answer and also list what you accept as an answer.

Chat a bit and see if the lady is interested in meeting up for a casual coffee or dog park visit (if you have a dog). Don't let the downers bring you down with them. It's so hard to keep a convo going when you give me literally nothing to go off of.

I have tried tinder - but it seems like people (gals) just like to chat but not meet up?

My advice is to live your life and try to find someone offline through friends or hobbies. But by all means install whatever app you want, just don't get your hopes up homie.

It sucks from both sides, as a woman, that saturation was exhausting.

I got so many messages that weren't personalized or ignored fairly apparent and important things on my profile and it made it hard to have the energy for to the good ones.

My advice to anyone regardless of gender is to treat that first message like applying for a job; make sure you read the basics.

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The dating market is so saturated with guys that girls have the pick of the litter.

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