Emily blunt dating jim from the office

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“I'm not kidding when I say that that first caught his interest.“There’s a sort of montage sequence where Anne Hathaway’s got numerous fabulous outfits that they go through.I think you're one of the best act — ' I didn't even get out 'actress,'" he said. Over the years, they did eventually discuss their careers, and being fans of each other’s work has resulted in support, love, and now co-starring roles in one of the biggest movies of the year.“The Office” theme song is my national anthem • #The Office #Office #michaelscott #jim #pam #creed #Oscar #dwight #Angela #stanely #theofficequotes #theofficetvshow #stevecarell #jennafischer #johnkrasinski #elliekemper #broadway #tv #jimhalpert #pambeesly #theatre A post shared by The Office (@twice) on , but as the series became a staple in the NBC comedy lineup, Krasinski’s star began to rise.Blunt and Krasinski got married in a private ceremony in Como, Italy on 4th of July weekend in 2010.

I love her husband, Lee [Kirk], and their kids are amazing, so we get together a bunch.

This is one of the best horror movies to come out in the last decade and one of my person favorites. She was in a place of such joy and didn’t know if she wanted to go into such darkness, but after reading the script, she told Krasinski that he needed to call the actress he had hired for the part and fire her.

Turns out, that was a good move on Blunt’s part, and the initial reviews of the film are positive.

revealed that she still hasn’t watched her former co-star's new movie. And hey, there isn't any shame in chickening out of a horror movie at the last possible second (aka when you are next in line at the ticket kiosk and have yet to come up with a backup movie plan). Sometimes you just don’t have what it takes to deal with loud jump scares and whatever other horrors the film may bring.

And as far as reasons for not going to see Jim Halpert's suspenseful flick go, her explanation is about as charming as it gets. So I’m going to see it.”She tried to go support her buddies, you guys. Or, you know, you just aren’t emotionally prepared to watch your dear friends Blunt and Krasinski battle it out with some martians who flock to noise like moths to a flame in a lantern that gets knocked over in the middle of a silent board game.

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Blunt says she found the role to be liberating and free from the typical leading women clichés, and she says it was refreshing to not have to worry about appealing to a male audience.