English sex chat script

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English sex chat script

A lot of what you’re doing in marketing is getting people to trust your site, when you’re not there to reassure them. Testimonials and logos of prominent companies are both signs that your business can be trusted.Go back to the start of this section, to the basic premise.

Which three live chat scripts do I recommend, then?

If you’re running on Word Press, it works there as well.

It’s clean, crisp and modern, it supports emoticons, it can be made full-screen, and more.

Olark, Unbounce’s live chat script, is one option you have for a chat plugin.

I don’t know that I’d call it one of the top three to recommend, however, and for one reason.

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All of this is to build trust because you can’t be there to assure users that you’re trustworthy. With a single click, live users can be transferred to a direct conversation with an employee of your company, ready and willing to answer any questions they may have.

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