Error updating windows phone 7

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If anyone can tell me in layman's terms how to resolve this matter on both parts I would be most grateful.Should say the "Import Settings" are set to "Leave pictures and videos on my phone after copying them to computer" just so it's clear I'm not stupid enough to have them set to deleted after copying.Please note if you have not updated the phone for quite some time, you will have to install all the previous updates before you can get WP7.8.

Most of the Windows update issues occur due to the last windows update couldn’t be downloaded or updated properly.

Please Microsoft i need a better response on how to update my windows phone.

Because I can't use it appropriately like Andriod Phones, all the features on my windows 7.5 are out of date.

List Box' (Name='List Box2'); target property is 'Items Source' (type 'System. Rather than having two different data models and changing them, why not have a single model which contains the "Categories" and "Entries" models but just set the one you're not displaying to be an empty collection (or whatever as appropriate).

While the action you're performing doesn't cause any errors in your application there will be an impact on the device as a whole while the Silverlight framework handles the binding errors.

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