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However, this has the advantage that such tokens can be revoked by the Id P, for example as part of a global logout operation, without leaving previously logged‑in sessions still active.Global logout might also make it necessary to validate JWTs with the Id P.Because Id Ps cryptographically sign the JWTs they issue, JWTs can be validated “offline” without a runtime dependency on the Id P.Typically, a JWT also includes an expiry date which can also be checked.References to NGINX Plus apply only to that product.The standard method for validating access tokens with an Id P is called , is now a widely supported standard that describes a JSON/REST interface that a Relying Party uses to present a token to the Id P, and describes the structure of the response.In the real world, there are two formats in common usage: After authentication, a client presents its access token with each HTTP request to gain access to protected resources.Validation of the access token is required to ensure that it was indeed issued by a trusted identity provider (Id P) and that it has not expired.

At the time of writing there are eight OAuth 2.0 standards, and access tokens are a case in point, as the OAuth 2.0 core specification (RFC 6749) does not specify a format for access tokens.This can become a significant issue when the Id P in question is a hosted solution or cloud provider.NGINX and NGINX Plus can offer optimizations to this drawback by caching the introspection responses.The Java Script code then parses the response (line 5) and sends the appropriate status code back to the so that errors can be distinguished from invalid tokens.Note: This code is provided as a proof of concept only, and is not production quality.

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