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My reason for the no-traditional build is that I will trailer the boat, and was worried about shrinkage when hauling and launching, which should be no issue with glued ply. It took me all mourning fussing around with the plank stock before I was happy to it let go through the shaper. He's a pretty accomplished boat builder, so when he suggested that we widen the planks at the ends so the bulb would tapper out to nothing when re-cut to the pattern shape, I just swallowed and said OK.

The block and tackle under the deck is modern Harken ss and will not be visible. Visit his site at The steering ropes are lead through the transom through regular copper pipe that I flared with a flaring tool on both ends and epoxied it into oversize holes (diameter = diameter of the flared part of the pipe) in the transom. I didn't exactly understand how it would work untill laying the pattern back on the stock.

I would like the after compartment to be watertight enough to serve as flotation in the event of a capsize, so I'm thinking of running copper tubes straight through from the transom to the bulkhead for the steering lines to pass through.

I'm also contemplating the addition of another watertight compartment under the forward thwart where the second mast step goes through. I'm still thinking about a couple detail modifications.

I recently took the plunge and ordered a set of plans for Coquina from Doug.

Still in the initial set up stage, accummulating materials and getting the shop ready. So keep up with the excellent pics I'll be looking over your shoulder and watching for the splash.

They also conveniently come out to right about 45 lbs for the pair now.Cheers Mike Hi Mike, Great to hear that you will begin to build a Coquina. I'm preparing to paint the hull now, before flipping her over.Do you plan for glued lapstrake plywood or traditional cedar on oak? Good luck, and as much fun as I have with my project! I was wondering when you would update your website. I'm still thinking about a couple detail modifications.I put a temporary rope-steering rig on my Bolger Gypsy, and plan to refine it this winter.thanks for everything Chip Thank you for all the good comments and encouragement, I really appreciate.

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I realize this is blasphemy to True Believers of Herreshoff, but it's my boat. For the rear compartment I thought a sealed floor to the hatch level should do the job.

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