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And while this usually involves settlements and other deals worked out—along with a strike system that usually lets people stop pirating before they get fined officially—there are plenty of legal examples of pirates going bankrupt when caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Believe us: you do not want to be one of these people.

And of course, you always run the risk that Hulu or Netflix or whoever will get wise to your shenanigans and cut you off. While might seem like a strange place to head to for free movie streams, the site has become the home of plenty of classic films, including, most notably, , the original 1968 horror classic.However, there are alternatives to both torrenting and the Red Box kiosk.There are many legal ad-supported streaming sites that are absolutely free, and while you may have to shop around to find the content you’re looking for, you can get a wealth of entertainment without having to pay anything other than a bit of your time for ads.You can find a ton of content here, both from users and established filmmakers, with a library reaching over three million videos altogether.If you’ve ever wanted to explore niche film genres, this is the site to head towards.

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Some holders have been fairly generous about this, and have been willing to license out their material at reasonable prices so that it could reach a wide audience. Also see our article How To Watch Movies on Kodi Back in the days of broadcast TV, there were only a few channels available, but they were all ad-supported and thus free at the point of use.

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