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Around The World Ping-Pong This requires more than 2 people.

Each person hits the ball once and then runs around to the other side of the table to hit it again. Croquet Playing croquet is a great group date activity.

Meet the Grandparents Double with your grandparents for dinner and play some fun date games with them.

Planetarium Go to a local planetarium and learn about the stars or just go star gazing at night. Visit A Rest home Visit some of the elderly at a nearby rest home it's a great way to hear some great stories.

Rush in with a group of friends stealing him or her away to some fun activity.

Bow and Arrow Go into the woods and get flexible sticks. Treasure Hunt Set this up beforehand, writing clues on pieces of paper and leaving them all around town.

To spice it up a bit thry playing at night with flashlights.

Relay Games Play a number of different relay games with your date competing against other couples. Skittle Bowling Get a bag of skittles and make each color represent something different (ex: red=spin three times before bowling etc). Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee is one of the best games to play with a group of people. Baseball Game Go to a local professional baseball game. Three Legged Soccer Play three-legged soccer against other couples.

Kite Flying This activity from your childhood is much more fun that you remember it being! Outdoor Film Grab a laptop or portable device and watch a video outside under the stars.

Bake Something Show your date your culinary skills and bake something delicious! If you want to make a scary movie even scarier watch it in the woods!

Gingerbread Houses It doesn't have to be Christmas time to make gingerbread houses. Caramel Apples Make caramel apples, it is just as good and a lot more fun!

Sound Scavenger Hunt Have a sound scavenger hunt with tape recorders. Garage Sale/Ebay Date Go garage sale hopping and try to find the best deals then sell them on Ebay. Historic Cemetery Visit the cemetery in downtown Salt Lake where a number of prominent LDS leaders are buried. Welfare Square Take a tour of the LDS Welfare Square and see how much humanitarian work goes on.

Christmas Lights Drive around and look at Christmas Lights. Bird Watching Get a book at the library and then go bird watching. Go For A Walk Believe it or not, going for a walk at night can be really a try.

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People Watch Go people watching and just observe how people act around each other.

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