Go dutch dating

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Go dutch dating

Or even "Thanks for the meal, I'll get the drinks in the next bar".

It's VERY plausible that I'm just dating the wrong girls?

If it’s early in your relationship suggesting going Dutch will make you look like you’re not very interested in her.

If it’s a first date and you don’t know the woman very well, suggesting to go Dutch will be the kiss of death for many women.

As women, we want equality in all aspects of life, but the topic of splitting the bill or going Dutch on a first date still begets differing opinions.

Not homeless people, but perfectly well off every day folk, you'll see for an hour or two, you'll buy them dinner, drinks, flowers etc, and you'll never hear from them again. You might both agree on the handshake that this will be a waste of time and not only will the meal be something you'll have to endure and not enjoy, there's a chance you might be stiffed for the entire bill. For free festivals, chances to win tickets to events, regular weekend activity picks then Skint London is a one stop shop for all. Just suggesting a trip to the museum gives the verisimilitude of being from good stock.

So before you chivalrously, no wait, foolishly reach for the cheque and tell the lady to put away her purse, here's some tips on how to go Dutch, whilst not looking cheap. You don't have to know your Manet’s from your Monet's, but as long as you don't bring up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when asked if you prefer Donatello or Leonardo, then you're home free. Don't go buying Lobster dinner takeaways in a desperate bid to impress ala Mrs Doubtfire. Give her the option of ordering so it makes her feel in control.

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I think it’d be unsafe to assume a guy has to always pay for a girl’s meal.

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While some women expect men to pay for them, some of us think it’s only fair to share the cost.