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Harrison ford dating

Liam has grown up since spending days on set with his mom, so what’s he up to now?Liam seems to be having a pretty normal childhood, despite the intense fame of his parents.Approaching her 53 at the time of the adoption, but was lucky enough to have the network fully support her new role as a mother.“I feel extremely fortunate and grateful that I work for such a supportive company that offers a wonderful child-care facility, enabling me to spend a lot of time with my son while I’m working,” she said.Hollywood Life reported that Ford said, “I think Liam was about 6 or 8 months old when I met him and Calista.We have been together ever since.” The three hit it off, with Ford and Flockhart getting engaged over Valentine’s Day weekend in 2009.Liam Flockhart’s father, or adoptive father at least, is Harrison Ford.Ford met Liam’s mother at the 2002 Golden Globes when Liam was just a few months old.

There’s nothing Ford enjoys more than spending quality time with his youngest son.

“On the weekends, I do whatever Calista and Liam want to do.

We’ll take a couple of hours on Sunday morning to go motorcycle riding [or] go for a hike. It’s clear Liam has a great relationship with his parents—here’s to hoping we see more of him on social media in the future!

He once said the most important things a man and a woman can share are devotion and commitment. 'I'm romantic about everything in that I really hope for the best.' His late-night bar visits were revealed only days after he announced he was separating from his wife. Waitresses told how Ford insisted he was 'Tom the meat processor' as he handed out cash to strippers and sat in front of the stage in what they called 'perverts' row'.

The couple announced their separation in a statement in November, explaining that they had been living apart for a month.

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The break-up could have cost Ford half his estimated £120 million fortune.