Hirsute dating

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Writer Lucy Porter isn’t afraid to be a teeny bit highbrow with her shaggy heartthrobs either, quoting, “He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.” ( Much Ado About Nothing).

Porter came of age during the Miami Vice-led stubble fad of the ‘80s, and an affection for the furry man never really faded for the British standup comedian.

“I have also been tempted by Osama bin Laden and Charles Manson.

Apparently I have a thing for evil mass murderers as long as they're hairy.”Porter points out that beards have a checkered history.

Dang, Shorpy photos get me wondering about the darndest things.“It's a good time to be a beard lover right now.”Though Porter notes that she was a bit too young to appreciate Tom Selleck when Magnum P. originally aired, she admits that there is no one who worked a ‘stache like its eternal poster boy.“It's only in recent years that I've fully come to appreciate the moustache—I've always been more comfortable when it has a full beard to go with it.“If I'm honest, I think they look slightly terrifying, but Pam Anderson and Heather Locklear can't be wrong, can they?”Musicians have always held a special place in the shaggy pantheon, but Porter notes in the book that she prefers them a bit more grunge than glam.

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Of course, the book covers the hair metal era, though Porter admits that the giant ‘80s manes were never her favorites.