Jennifer granholm and the dating game

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She has puffy hair - lots of it - wears tight jeans and suspenders, and asks questions of the three bachelors like "What was the most famous girl you ever dated famous for? “Egads - If I were one of the batchelors on that show and saw that, I’d turn gay.” Your letting what she became politically color what you saw in the video. And yes, the big hair was sexy then, for anyone who didn’t live thru the 70’s." The host says she hails from British Columbia, is multi-talented, works in public relations and enjoys the arts, theater and the great outdoors. But it shows that we all get old and ugly don’t we!!“And she was 19 years old, so I think she could be excused for being on a stupid show.” Less than nine months after leaving office, Michigan former Governor Jennifer Granholm has published an account of her administration.The book was co-authored by her husband, Dan Mulhern.Political operatives have long thought such a video could possibly be useful to damage Granholm during her rise.Liz Boyd, who was Granholm's press secretary when she was governor, said she learned of the video on Thursday and sent it to Granholm, who now hosts her own show - "The War Room" on Current TV."It was the first time she'd seen it since she'd been on the program," said Boyd, noting that no one in Granholm's circle had ever seen it before. My hair could've been a nest for an entire family of birds!For the record, Granholm never went on the date - which was to be at the Sheraton Oasis Hotel in Palm Springs.

Learn more about how Oath collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data.He also welcomes her as "the cute and curvaceous Jennifer Granholm."Another question Granholm asks: "What form of transportation should all girls be built like and why?"One guy said a rowboat - "round and solid at the stern."The video appears to have been edited in places, so it is difficult at times to follow some of the questions and answers.In "A Governor's Story, The Fight for Jobs and America's Economic Future," Granholm recounts the many challenges the state faced during her term as Governor from 2003 to 2011.The book details job losses, globalization, a shrinking auto industry, and Granholm's efforts to combat how those issues affected the state and its residents.

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