Just fishing on line dating

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Like anything in life, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

This story is told by Scott and is written from his point of view.

However, no matter how many times we tried, the missing ingredient still loomed over us.

At the age of 45, I decided it was time to do something about the constant turmoil in my life and in our relationship. However, even though I had been through many years of hurt and pain, this never tainted my view of love and marriage.

It was here I met a woman and was married to her after knowing her for only 30 days. The truth is, there was no “spark” in this relationship. People always ask me, “why did you marry someone so fast and so young especially when there was no spark?Many who have been catfished had experiences that turned into serious financial scams, with some having lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to a person they trusted, but never even met.In a worst-case scenario, a person may be catfished only to become a victim of sexual assault or murder.In this day of online everything, we make personal and business connections routinely based solely on online photos and messages. If you or someone you know might be developing a relationship online, and any one of these catfishing red flags have been raised, do something!If you want to be sure, there are services such as for people who think they are being catfished.

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