Michael phelps who is he dating dating someone with no friends

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Michael phelps who is he dating

He tied the record for most medals won in one Olympic games, and was thrust into the public spotlight.Everything was going well until what happened soon thereafter.He has only recently publicized the root of his issues, which previously we had gotten glimpses of through his multiple substance-related legal issues.

His Land Rover was pulled over by a Maryland State Trooper it ran through a stop sign.

He found that his hyperactive personality meshed with swimming, as it drained his excess energy.

Although Michael was close with his older sisters, there was still a massive void left by the absence of his father.

Phelps expressed regret saying what he did was, “wrong, dangerous and unacceptable.” Although Michael looked relatively stable for the 2008’s Beijing Olympics, the champion’s mind was becoming increasingly darker.

Physically, Phelps broke record after record, winning eight medals at the games — all of them gold.

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This toxic combination led to a butting of heads that continued for years. It all paid off when Michael became famous and the middle-school principal got an endorsement deal with Chico’s, along with her own clothing line.