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Ml (Local Magnitude) - based on the peak amplitudes of high frequency seismograms, and Mw (Moment Magnitude) - based on matching waveforms of the lowest frequency ground motions in broad-band seismograms. It is located approximately 80 km NE of Portland, OR. Helens is best known for its large explosive eruption, summit collapse and directed blast of May 18, 1980, which was the most expensive and deadly volcanic event in United States history.

The volcano continued erupting during 1980-1986, producing a lava dome within the 1980 crater. Helens again erupted in 2004-2008, when it produced only minor explosive activity but a series of spectacular lava spines with a cumulative volume of almost 100 million cubic meters that doubled the size of the lava dome.

Tremors and millions of small earthquakes accompanied both of the recent eruptions.

Since early 2008 no eruptions have taken place and the lava dome has shrunk in height as its steep sides crumble into a broader, more symetrical shape. Helens Seismic Zone occasionally produce swarms of many small earthquakes, but these are not usually directly associated with magmatic activity. Helens is that small rockfalls commonly occur on the steep crater rim. Helens is quite variable depending on the volcano's eruptive state.

The "Time" and "Depth" determines whether earthquake age or depth are used to color the symbol.

Depth within the Earth where an earthquake rupture initiated.Here is a seismicity plot that shows the number of located earthquakes per day (black spikes) and the cumulative number of earthquakes over time (red).This can point out periods when more earthquakes were located.However, sometimes this is because more effort is taken to locate very small events such as at least partially is the case during the summer of 2014 when the i MUSH experiment was being installed in the region around Mount St. Here is a map of the last year's epicenters at Mount St.Helens color coded by depth and with symbol size proportional to magnitude. Note: Black circles represent events about sea level (negative depths).

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