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Online dating for the deaf

Despite this, and being competitive, I would hang in there knowing if I did not stay and try it would signal defeat on my behalf.

So when one, like myself, goes thinking that their team mate on the town will cover for them, the stigma doesn’t allow for them to be seen with the “deaf guy” in team.

I do remember times when we would go on the town and head into bars and clubs where naturally the blokes on the team would be trying to “pick up”. I lost count of the many times a girl would ask me a question by coming up to my ears and talking into it.

As a deaf guy, I could not hear them and being polite I would tell them I lip read by saying “can you speak to my face”, the action also includes a subconscious gentle pushing away the girl to see her face.

It worked 30% of the time, the other 70% everyone would look at me and someone would say, “mate that’s not what we are talking about”.

Being a visual reader of people, I noticed the girls who were part of the group did not want anything to do with me.

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I must confess, I am currently at the time of writing this blog single.

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