Pros and cons of dating older men speed date dating site review

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So, you have the emotional baggage and stress sorted out for you, but then comes this biological clock, which only women can feel ticking.

They are more focused where their goals and targets (regarding their life) are concerned. Older women give the best advice, and are amazing at cheering you up, especially when you are feeling down. They are spontaneous, and are game for trying out new things and exploring new places (taking her out for romantic getaways will earn you some extra brownie points).She wants a child, true; but every time you do something wrong or in a way that she does not like, she treats you like a imbecile! What's with the constant patronizing (especially during arguments)?Older woman tend to treat their boyfriends (especially if you are younger than her) like children, at times, specially when it comes to taking care of things to be done.The way they handle their life, career, finances, and relationships is remarkable.Their entire approach towards how things should be done, especially in their relationships, is unique.

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