Pros and cons of mandating nurses

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Pros and cons of mandating nurses

The most convenient and most cost effective method of nursing continuing education is by taking online Nursing CE courses.Online nursing continuing education courses are readily available, flexible, offer online tracking, and provide nurses with the broad scope of subjects they need to familiarize themselves with in order to keep up to date in today’s ever changing health care climate.Mandatory overtime is seen by some as a solution to the nursing shortage, cost-cutting layoffs, and redesign of health care organizations. : Too long, too much, and without enough rest between shifts.

Completing CEU’s sounds like a wonderful idea, however, some members of the nursing profession disagree.

In addition to those benefits, substantial as they are, online nursing ceu courses are inexpensive, up to date with changing trends, can be taken from the comfort of ones own home, generally allow nurses who take them to keep an official record of courses completed and credit hours earned online with the course provider, and allow nurses who complete a course to print the course certificate immediately upon completion.

In order to stay professional and to safeguard the wellbeing of the public nurses need to continue their education over the course of their career through a variety of means including taking continuing education courses.

Employers frequently pay the registration fees for nurses to attend local seminars of short duration such as one day, but nurses still have to sacrifice their precious day off to attend them or lose time from work to do so.

In addition nurses who attend seminars away from home have to pay their own travel expenses, hotel bills, and costs of meals.

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DEFINITIONS: occurs when employers require an employee to work more than 40 hours per week, even if the employee does not want to work the additional hours.