Ps3 zing when updating games

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Ps3 zing when updating games

Don’t expect a great story or intense challenges from Klonoa 2, but you will be treated to some great visuals and lots of fun.“Because of its airtight gameplay, awesome visuals, and great soundtrack, Klonoa 2 is an almost perfect platform game–almost.Since the PS2 library is so immense and filled with so many wonderful titles (and also has had a lot of exposure over the years), I wanted to get more particular about which games I include in this Hidden Gems feature.If I were to have compiled this a year or two ago, you would have seen a number of titles that have since gained popularity and edged into mainstream.The ground parts play in a style similar to Tomb Raider, a blend of action, exploration and puzzle-solving in a medieval-fantasy setting more reminiscent of RPG’s.This game actually has some RPG elements, like a quest system or the ability to level up Rynn, the main character, but overall it’s more Legend of Zelda than Final Fantasy, with a bigger emphasis on exploration and combat instead of a complex story or party management.

Anyone who likes fantasy adventure games is likely to be happy with their purchase” Despite having a decent amount of pre-launch hype, receiving praise from critics, being the product of Tim Schafer (of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango fame), and being down-right fascinating and hilarious, Psychonauts failed to rack up big sales on any of the three platforms it was released on.

Due to word-of-mouth aftermarket sales of the game have picked up a bit, but far to many gamers still haven’t given this one a chance.

“It could be the best adventure game Schafer has ever produced, and I don’t say that lightly.

It’s a must-have for fans of platform games, and all Play Station 2 owners ought to give it a try.” Commercial | Gameplay Shop: Amazon | e Bay Don’t write this one off just because it’s based on a Disney kids TV series.

Every so often a Disney-licensed game manages to surprise us with solid gameplay.

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IGN’s Review: The world of Kim Possible is very cartoonish and uses the 2.5-dimensional style of Viewtiful Joe.