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On the back of the worksheet the teacher should copy and paste the three after-activity questions found next to Figure 3 on the website.

Once all individual data are recorded have participants share their data in a way that all participants can observe (on a large white board) so that a class average can be calculated.

This is not to be confused with the statistical probability of the change in the population over time as demonstrated with an individual group's data during the M&Ms activity.Although students could work through the simulation individually, I prefer partnerwork to foster discussion among students, encouraging scientific discourse (SP7).In this video I walk you through using the simulation.Before the lesson the teacher will need to make a student activity worksheet with the data table, graph, and follow-up questions found on the website.Also, the teacher will need to assemble the five different bead bags and place them in various locations around the classroom.

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Note that the average of all of the groups' data more closely resembles the statistical probability of the change over time not the individual group's data.