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The contestant is presented with three prospective dates whom she ...See full summary » This game show introduced a bachelor or bachelorette to three prospective dates, each of whom gave a self-introduction.Unlike "The Bachelor" and other recent dating shows on which a single male or female over the course of several episodes hopes to find a potential life partner; a contestant on The Dating Game would ask three delegates of the opposite sex a series of questions with a view to pick one for accompanying him/her on a chaperoned date.There is a folding screen separating the junior suite of the three delegates and the contestant; that way the contestant cannot see their face but can talk further ahead after each question answered.Between takes you might find him skydiving or motorcycling".Alcala won the contest, and a date with Cheryl Bradshaw, who subsequently refused to go out with him because she found him "creepy".

See full summary » One of the classic game shows created by Chuck Barris.

A number of noted celebrities, including Tom Selleck and Jim Carrey, have started out as bachelors on this show.

Serial murderer, Rodney Alcala was accepted as a contestant on The Dating Game in 1978.

spoilers promise the daring dating show reboots May 9 with host Kristin Cavallari.

Once called the “sexiest dating competition”, it was a big hit on Fox back in 2003.

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