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I even started to consider a revolutionary thought – my husband had been crazily busy at work and perhaps it wasn’t such a disaster after all that he had not gotten me a present for St. In all honesty, I thought, looking back at our romantic history, 14th February has never been a big deal for us.

We have never been one of those couples to book a table at a fancy restaurant with hundreds of other couples on the night and I have never expected dozens of roses as I always feel so sorry for cut flowers when they start dying in their vase. Look at us…’ Two young Italian men were calling out to a beautiful girl who had just walked past me.

I felt bad not providing the personal matchmaking anymore due to working on the dances, in turn I provided a free online dating site.

I am a romantic and matchmaker at heart so I thought Romeo & Juliet would be the perfect name for the business. We have many theme dances throughout the year like Zodiac Night, Halloween Parties and Valentines is an all time favourite. One Gentleman might be Brad Pitt and he maybe looking for Angelina Jolie.

Their guide was talking excitedly and pointing to the opposite to me side of the street.

The dances will be changing locations in the upcoming future due to the sale of the Belleville Legion.The Russian group then moved on led by their guide and I stepped forward towards the club’s entrance door.I could see through the glass panes that there were people inside, but unsure if the club was actually open for visitors, I pretended to be interested in the vaulted ceiling of the porch and its frescoes for a while.Gentlemen please have a seat versus standing around the bar.It makes the ladies uncomfortable when they go up to get a drink.

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