Safari top sites not updating

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Notice that you can also right-click on the site's thumbnail and choose "Remove".Notice that the context menu also lets you treat these top sites as links, which can open in a new tab or new window.Unfortunately, MU is far behind in its listing of Safari Technology Preview; Therefore, I recommend downloading it DIRECTLY from Apple via their Developer website at this page: Details about the Safari 12 ' Web Kit-Reg Ex-Exploit' are available here: https:// might help: OS_High_Sierra_and_mac OS_Sierra_beta_1/Safari_12.0.3_for_mac OS_High_Sierra_beta.dmg OS_High_Sierra_and_mac OS_Sierra_beta_1/Safari_12.0.3_for_mac OS_Sierra_Safari 12.0.2 for High Sierra: Sierra Safari 12.0.2 for Sierra: contains a critical vulnerability, currently titled ' Web Kit-Reg Ex-Exploit'.The vulnerability exists in ALL versions of Safari 12 through 12.0.2.Apple Safari is Apple's web browser that comes bundled with the most recent mac OS.Safari is faster and more energy efficient than other browsers, so sites are more responsive and your notebook battery lasts longer between charges. It works with i Cloud to let you browse seamlessly across all your devices.Bonus Tip - Hide the Top Sites page for new tabs: If you don't like using Top Sites, Apple lets you control what happens when you open a new tab.Click on the Safari menu and choose "Preferences", or hit the Command comma keyboard shortcut.

You can change your homepage and use that, or set multiple tabs as homepage!

If you're logged into a user account that is restricted by Parental Controls or other web filtering software, some pages or page elements might not load if those sites aren't allowed.

For example, embedded videos might not display if they're hosted on a site other than the one you're viewing.

All versions of Safari 12 through 12.0.2 contain a security vulnerability current titled "Web Kit-Reg Ex-Exploit", for which a Po C, Proof of Concept, has been published.

IF you demand maximum security from Safari, it is important to upgrade to the latest Safari Technology Preview, currently Release 71 (Safari 12.1, Web Kit 146071.15), which has patched this exploit.

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