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Sex dating in park city utah

My desire is to help others discover and thrive in their own health and happiness.""What is the meaning of your trauma? Are you trying to find your identity, regain your sense of self?Has it robbed you of your trust, your self-esteem, unguarded intimacy? I have the courage to listen to your trauma, not avoid, not blame you.This includes those with issues of sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, pain, satisfaction, or out-of-control sexual behavior/addiction.Most of my clients are from a conservative religious background, but this is not a must. Individuals dealing with sexual dysfunction or out-of-control sexual behavior/addiction that are not in a committed relationship are also welcomed in treatment. We struggle; we fight; we do the best we know how with what we are given.But sometimes we need a little help moving us forward in our journey of life.It is easy to start chatting with other transgender community members from Park City, Utah.

I am a Board Certified Clinical Health Psychologist specializing in sexual health concerns, sexual relationship difficulties, and transgender health for individuals and couples.

""Do you need support, education, or hope in creating sexual wholeness?

""Throughout my life, I have searched for the kindness and understanding of others.

I believe it is never too late to “do life differently” and learn a different way—whether in our relationships or individually. Sometimes we just need to feel safe to open up, connect with who we really are, and have a safe place to process life and learn new tools.

Having had lots of life experience, I am intimately aware of the difficulties and complexities of life. We struggle; we fight; we do the best we know how with what we are given.

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My passion is people and the amazing ability of the mind, body, and soul.