Simgirls dating simulator 5 0 exercise backdating

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You can customize the link name of shortcuts by using the format [Artist12345, Custom Name].Horny young me remembers this game quite surprisingly.

Plus if you want something that gets your rocks off..Google it.

Kotomi Takanashi – telefon 866-731-8410, narozena 29 August, znamení virgo, krev 0, výška 155 cm, váha 43 kg, prsa (breasts) 84, pas (waist) 53, boky (hips) 83, mamka dělá v MIScom, barvy black, red, brown, yellow, film Titanic, píseň Youn and Me, auto 360 Spider.

A obě chodí na Fukoma High Lidi,to je lehký jako facka! Jeto jednoduchy vzdicky se ty holky co chcete zbalit zeptejte

At the end of the day, we made peace with each other and pretend any of this never actually happened.

To this day, I still cringe over dumb shit like that but I've learned to laugh it off because I was just a impressionable youth that took wrong dating advices and I associate this game with those moments of my life.

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I loved the game so much that it honesty gave me the worst dating advice...

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