Spanking chat rooms

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Most likely everybody agrees with your perception, too. Margaret or a moderator know of your concerns if you have a problem. 11-13, 2019 plus extra days This special weekend is for lovers of playful and discipline adult spanking.

Features private resort with no families or children.

If this is your style of play, it is recommended that you find another chat room that can accommodate that style of play! You are entitled to your own opinion, but this spanking site does not involve a sexual realm of spanking. Ideally, this is a world where respect and tolerance rule. Relax, watch, have fun and don’t feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with.

The regulars here in the scene are generally very friendly and helpful.

New visitors should “feel” out the room to verify that this is the atmosphere for them. Don’t try to talk people into spankings or private talks. However, since in real life, no really means no people often misinterpret its use in the scene. The chat rooms here are designed to be pleasurable to both tops and bottoms.

The site is more conservative than most spanking sites, but it is conducted in a style most comfortable for Ms. When in doubt it is better to err on the side of caution. Relentless bratting is not only rude to the scene payers but will only serve to make you appear obnoxious and rude. If you hear, “It’s all about sex and eroticism,” just know that not everybody agrees with that, especially traditional spankers. Do not laugh or otherwise comment on other people’s fantasy or their own comfort levels. Each person comes to spanking with his or her own individual needs.

Chats take place Mon – Thu and start around pm EST (although we are notorious for being fashionably late). You can take your name off any time you want but for now it’s where to go for the welcome message and directions to the private chat on Delphforums. When you are accepted, directions will be sent to you for how to reach us on Delphi, where we have a message board and chat. So don’t choose a name that may come across too strongly or not fit you down the road (like anything with “newbie” in it). It’s not polite to instant message and distract others while they’re following along. If the chat is in full swing when you come in, please enter quietly and discreetly. Margaret is on, or if a scene is in progress, and stay on topics. If you leave prior to pm, please do so with a quiet “good night.” Ms. As a bottom, don’t misbehave or brat off to a top if you will not allow the top to spank you.Masters of BDSM Enjoy everything there is to explore in Fetish cams without ever having to leave your screen.All you have to do to enter this dungeon of deeds then select the Host category that tickles your fancy, then click the drop-down menu to reveal all the fetishes that are available and appeal to your specific taste.Choose from sexy girls, whether they are shy, controlling, or bisexual.The male Hosts are hot as hell, and you can decide if you want a straight, gay or transgendered! Perhaps you may even discover something new and exciting on our fetish cams too?

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Just log in and get your daily, hourly or monthly fix.

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  2. Accessing the service on a smartphone app often brings in bonuses like sending a photo or selfie instantly, and you can continue chatting even after leaving the house.