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Spyware doctor not updating

In many patches, the digital samples provide rich, evolving textures while the analogue ones are used to add occasional or rhythmic punctuation, courtesy of the modulation options, or you can create fat, analogue-style sounds and then layer them with a splash of digital icing.

It's also refreshing to get such a comprehensive sample and hold module, while the v LFO really extends the options by letting you slowly change the other LFO amounts or Pan settings, for even more complex strangeness and charm.

Some have been converted using special scripted automation, but many have been painstakingly converted by hand.

Jan Lanter now lists this collection on his web site (https://projects.lanteraudio.nl/d...).

Steinberg provide a dedicated 'Convert Program List To VST Presets' option that will create a bank of VST3 presets from the contents of the currently loaded bank of sounds, but where there are lots of factory banks sorted into different categories this bank-by-bank conversion process can become tedious (Korg's , for instance, provides 18 banks).

All the VST3 presets will also end up in one huge scrolling list by default, so if you ever want to search for them by bank you'll also have to create additional bank folders within your main VST3 preset folder.

Despite the four oscillators and two filters, CPU overhead is also pretty low.

is supplied with a comprehensive and well-written PDF manual.

However, there's another limitation that many users are only discovering the hard way: while FXP/FXB preset files could also be saved anywhere you chose, but on the PC the new vstpreset files are always saved in one dedicated VST3 presets folder ('C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\VST3 Presets').

The free demo version periodically generates a noise burst, but is bundled with a generous 256 patches.

The full version comes with over 600 patches, plus the ability to load your own SF2-format files into its digital oscillators.

Its gold interface, inspired by Ancient Egypt, is beautiful, yet manages to be extremely functional and easy to use rather than merely decorative.

Previously called , the synth was originally released by HG Fortune (whose synths impressed me in PC Notes July 2006), but Vera created both its original graphic interface and many of its patches, and has now taken over its development, adding new waveforms and creating the stunning new interface.

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However, opinions are still divided about the merits of Mediabay, primarily because its effectiveness depends on your presets being sensibly 'tagged'.

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