Symantec manager not updating

Posted by / 16-Jul-2020 19:10

I checked all other settings but no luck yet in figuring out what the problem is. I tried the same procedure twice but it didn't fix the problem.

SEPM1SEPM2Hi, For resolving the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 11.x not updating 32 bit virus-definitions, perform the steps provided in the below link: You need to clean Virus Definitions folders and republish Live Update Product Inventory on Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. I spent too much time already figuring out how to fix it so I gave up.

This cleared whatever was blocking my liveupdate, now it's working just fine.

I've got several questions about the Symantec Scan Engine.

It was working fine since long, but I noticed that SEPM stopped updating Antivirus And Antispyware Protection virus definitions and they were almost 1 week old, rest of definitions including Proactive Threat Protection and Network Threat Protection were up to date.

So there was something wrong with the virus definition update engine.

(I am getting an "ntvdm encountered a hard error" when I try to).The logs have: Since both SEPMs started to have the problem at the same time, I highly suspect there a problem with Symantec’s Lice Update servers and not my local SEPMs (no changes on them for months).Does this proposed solution from support make sense for this problem or do you have a better idea?The Symantec Scan Engine is performing Content Filtering duty. gid=savce the i32 executable file for 32-bit client installations is used to update SAV Corp.clients and the x86 executable file for 32-bit client installations is used for Symantec Anti Virus Scan Engine for Windows(again, is this same as Symantec Scan Engine?

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I uninstalled SEPM and Live Update from the server, deleted all the files from the C: drive and reinstalled the appllication again.