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Thermolam dating technique

Existence of affirmations (as self-improvement technique) is another proof that repetition works.If you can persuade yourself through repetition, chances are someone may attempt to use repetition to manipulate you into thinking and behaving in a certain way.No one is holding a gun to your head telling you, you must read my ramblings. So I found this bike when I was looking at the FFW (fixed Fort Worth).When I clicked on the WTF link I was just that What The Fuck is this person thinking. Bike was purchased and built up as a training bike and was also used for short errands around town.Although it may seem too simplistic to be effective, but repeating same message over and over again makes it familiar and easier to remember.When repetition is combined with social proof, it delivers the message without a fail.Fear of alienation Newcomers to manipulative groups will usually receive a warm welcome and will form a number of new friendships that seem to be much deeper and more meaningful than anything they have ever experienced.Later on, if any doubts arise, these relationships will become a powerful tool to hold them in the group.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where (some) people assume that the actions and beliefs of others are appropriate and, because “everyone does that”, must be justified.

Fatigue Fatigue and sleep deprivation result in physical and mental tiredness.

When you are physically tired and less alert, you are more susceptible to persuasion.

They want you to stop being yourself and become a robot, someone who mindlessly follows their orders.

Using all methods and mind manipulation techniques mentioned above, they will attempt to extract a confession from you — some form of acknowledgement that you believe that they are good people doing a good thing (slight variations are possible).

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Limiting any other influence by controlling information flow is the ultimate goal.

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