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We prefer “Minnesota nice.” The two bordering states have long since been touting a “my state is better than your state” attitude, from weather to restaurants and everything in between.

Minnesota is full of Wisconsin-born residents, so most Minnesota dwellers fall into two categories: Minnesota Vikings or Green Bay Packers football fans. While Minnesotans may not have a rivalry with our neighbors to the South, they do like to poke fun at those corn-field-loving Iowans.

From the Renaissance Festival & Art Fair in warmer months to the Saint Paul Winter Carnival and Holidazzle parade that take place when the snow hits, you’ll never be bored.Don’t be surprised if you hear a joke like this: “Minnesota is getting a new zoo.They’re putting up a fence around Iowa.” It’s all in good sport, but expect some serious teasing if you’re and Iowa native.On top of that, there’s a fantastic music scene, with concerts year round and fantastic outdoor festivals in the warmer months, like the Midwest Music Fest in Winona. Whether you’re slipping on black ice or getting your car stuck in the snow--all while the frigid wind is whipping right through your new Northface--it can be downright horrendous.But, once you embrace it, you can enjoy all the fantastic things a Minnesota winter has to offer, like sledding, ice fishing and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate.

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