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But, he said, just as he was getting to the part about identifying as transgender, she cut him off and surprised him.

“She said, ‘Wait--are you going to change your body to match your mind? “She was excited, and I wasn’t prepared for that.” But by far his biggest advocate, Alex said, is his wife.

We want you to have the best patient care experience possible.

For far too many in the transgender community, high‐quality, affirming, and culturally competent health care is hard to find.

Pittsburgh therapist Bob Moore counsels LGBT clients and is part of a group practice called the Center for Relational Change.“I wanted to get married as Alex, not as Jennifer.” Alex identifies as transgender, meaning he was born biologically female and has medically transitioned to become male.“When I finally figured out that transgender is who I am, it was liberating,” he said."Cats needed to eat.” Near the fireplace, their 13-year-old cat Puss slinks under a three-paneled framed picture of the couple.They met online in 2005, got married in 2012, and married again in 2015. “We wanted to make sure all the legal stuff was done,” he said.

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